Salesforce web to lead with GravityForm and why is it important


CRMs like Sales force are critical to organizations everywhere on the world for monitoring customers and shutting on leads. Your organization is the same, you need a Word Press CRM like Sales force to sort out your contacts and make sales. With Word Press being utilized on more than 27% of the web and Salesforce being the greatest name in the CRM business, it bodes well that numerous clients would need to use the structures on their Word Press destinations to catch leads and save them to Sales force.

Why You Might Want a Gravity Forms Sales force Integration?

  • Better management
  • Update leads
  • Enhance the Navigational Experience
  • Request Files Without Hassle
  • Optimize Workflows

Sales force web lead with gravity form

There have been loads of them previously, however creators of Salesforc e addons appear to appreciate making them premium over the long run, and Salesforce has additionally changed its two or multiple times before, breaking a portion of the free ones. CRM Perks makes a premium module that is very acceptable, yet we ran into a utilization case , progressively adding a Salesforce Campaign ID on a for each page premise. So we expected to discover something new. we went to Gravity Forms’ magnificent Webhooks addon (kindly note that you do require a Gravity Forms Elite permit to utilize this, however that is quite common for full-time WordPress individuals to have, and we’ve had one for quite a long time). The Webhooks addon basically can do GET or POST solicitations with your structure information, and it permits you to modify those solicitations with information. As an online entrepreneur, there are a lot of ways that you can profit by Gravity Forms Salesforce combination. First of all, you can utilize it to naturally send structure sections straightforwardly into Salesforce to synchronize contact information. This enables you to computerize deals movement in Salesforce. . In any case, to effectively execute a Gravity Forms Salesforce joining, you’ll need to utilize an outsider application, as Zapier or In this total guide, we’ll clarify how you can without much of a stretch set up Gravity Forms Salesforce mix utilizing Zapier.

Better Manage Your Leads

Associating your structures module to Salesforce allows you effectively to match up contacts between your WordPress site and client relationship the executives (CRM) instrument. For instance, at whatever point you get another Gravity Forms accommodation, you can consequently move contact information to Salesforce and add them as another lead. To take things further, GF Nested Forms (some portion of Gravity Perks) upholds Zapier benefits from youngster structures. You can utilize this to bring every kid passage into Salesforce as a free lead. This is especially valuable in case you’re enlisting a group and might want to have the option to deal with every part in that group separately in Salesforce.

Update Leads Quickly

There are huge loads of circumstances where you may require guests to submit complex structures. One approach to make the cycle simpler and more easy to use is to request the absolute minimum first, and afterward move that information into the more intricate structures. Along these lines, guests will not feel overpowered and will be bound to round out more unpredictable structures.

GF Easy Pass through

Gravity Forms Easy Passthrough is the least demanding approach to move information between structures easily. Ideal for anybody working with different structures! GF Easy Passthrough permits you to produce a lead from a straightforward structure and afterward go that data through to a more mind boggling structure. This saves the client time and guarantees that a similar lead is refreshed in Salesforce when it’s submitted.

Improve the Navigational Experience

In the event that your business expects guests to round out enormous, complex structures, at that point you should search for approaches to improve the navigational experience. This is a basic method to make the structure filling experience less overpowering for clients. GF Multi-Page Navigation drastically improves the navigational experience on multi-page structures. This can help you increment transformations and create more leads that you can synchronize to your Salesforce CRM.

Solicitation Files Without Hassle

It’s quite standard for organizations to request a RFP or some other sort of PDF through their business structures. Our impending advantage File Upload Pro makes gathering documents from drives more expert. Moreover, it’s intended to give better criticism to the client.

Advance Workflows

On the administration side of things, there’s consistently space for computerizing work processes. For instance, you can set up contingent rationale at costs, dates, or populating structure field decisions and qualities. We have huge loads of Gravity Perks that help you add restrictive rationale to your structures, making it simpler to advance your work processes and move information into your Salesforce CRM.

GF Conditional Pricing

Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing is genuinely the best answer for giving dynamic, intelligent estimating for your future clients.


Look at our Complete Guide to Gravity Forms Conditional Logic for more data on the best way to utilize Gravity Forms Salesforce additional items.

The most effective method to Integrate Gravity Forms With Salesforce

Here, we’ll tell you the best way to incorporate Gravity Forms with Salesforce utilizing Zapier. We’ll clarify how you can do this with destroys, which is a lot simpler than Salesforce’s web-to-lead highlight. For this instructional exercise, we’ll expect you as of now have a Salesforce and Zapier account set up, have Gravity Forms introduced, and have a lead structure (or contact structure) on your site that you’d prefer to move information from.

Suppose you need to set up a straightforward part enlistment structure on your site. When the client enters their name and email address and chooses a membership plan, they’re diverted to a more unpredictable structure that requests extra subtleties.

The easy method to set this up is by utilizing GF Easy Passthrough.

Simple Passthrough settings

Start by making the two structures in Gravity Forms, go to Settings › Easy Passthrough from the mind boggling structure and guide fields from your source structure. When you have the Gravity Forms Salesforce joining set up, you can naturally add new prompts Salesforce. Here’s the way: at whatever point a client presents the source structure, they’ll consequently be added to Salesforce as another lead. Along these lines, regardless of whether they don’t round out the mind boggling structure, you’ll actually have their name, email address, and chose membership plan added to your CRM. then, we’ll clarify how you can utilize Zapier to interface Gravity Forms to Salesforce. From your Zapier account, look for Gravity Forms Salesforce destroys.

Gravity Forms Salesforce destroys

Zapier webhook

Duplicate the webhook to your clipboard. Go to the Gravity Forms structure you need to robotize and explore to Settings > Zapier. Snap the Add New catch and glue the webhook.

Zapier webhook in WordPress

Snap the Save Zapier Feed button. Then, return to Zapier and snap Continue to keep setting up the mechanization. Zapier will incite you to test the trigger.

Test the trigger

Whenever that is done, you can keep setting up the Salesforce API step of your mechanization. Associate with Salesforce account You’ll see the entirety of the fields you’ve characterized in your Salesforce CRM. Utilizing Zapier, you can plan these Salesforce fields to the data you gather from Gravity Forms.

Guide fields in Zapier

Snap Continue when you’re set field planning. Presently, the entirety of the new structure entries you traverse this Gravity Form will be added as prompts Salesforce.

Test destroy

You can try out the zap to ensure everything is working and snap Done Editing to continue. In the case of everything looks great, click the Turn Zap On catch.

Turn destroy on

, at whatever point a client presents the structure on your site, their information will naturally be moved to Salesforce. The leads will look something like this screen capture in the CRM:

Leads in Salesforce

Step by step instructions to Send Forms to Salesforce as Custom Objects

With this Gravity Forms Salesforce reconciliation, you can likewise send structures as custom articles. This is helpful for organizations that need to follow various types of information past contacts, records, and leads. For instance, in case you’re an occasion the executives organization, you may need to gather data about different occasion settings in your general vicinity that can be reserved for occasions. As the Salesforce director, you could make a custom item called Event Venues and add custom fields like setting area, limit, AV capacities, and booking rates to it. Utilizing Zapier, you can utilize the Add new Gravity Forms passages as custom items in Salesforce zap trobotize it. The remainder of the means are equivalent to portrayed in the instructional exercise above.

Set Up Your Gravity Forms Salesforce Integration Today

A Gravity Forms Salesforce coordination permits entrepreneurs to deal with their leads and contacts better. Through robotization, you can set aside important time while furnishing your representatives with the detail they need to make more deals! Utilizing Zapier, you can make another zap to move information from your Gravity Forms structure to Salesforce consequently. This is a lot simpler than utilizing the Salesforce web-to-lead include. Furthermore, whenever you’re finished setting up the computerization, you can upgrade your Gravity Forms utilizing Gravity Perks’ set-up of additional items to convey a superior client experience. Structure

Why its important

Salesforce is best as a CRM, so we would prefer not to attempt to utilize either for the two capacities. A combination permits you to send structure entries to a more important area, instead of your WordPress client data set or email inbox. All structure entries are naturally signed into Salesforce, rather than reordering each contact into Salesforce from WordPress. Leaving client contacts in your WordPress data set (or email inbox) is a formula for not answering as expected and passing up possible deals.

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